• General Scientific Skills

Course CodeGeneral Scientific SkillsYearSemester CreditECTS
AGI101Islamic 1123.02
AGB101Buddhism 1123.02
AGK101Catholicism 1123.02
AGP101Christianity 1123.02
AGH101Hindism 1123.02
AGC101Confucianism 1123.02
NOP104Civics Education1123.02
ETH103Medicolegal Ethic and Law1123.02
BAI101Bahasa Indonesia1123.02
BIA103Human Head and Neck Anatomy1111.51
BIA201Laboratory Work of Human Head and Neck Anatomy 1111.51
BIF103Basic Concept of Physiology1113.02
BIK103Basic Principle of Biochemistry1223.02
BIA104Human Gross Anatomy1211.51
BIA203Practical Work of Human Gross Anatomy1211.51
BIH104Laboratory Work of Histology1211.51
BIF202Applied Physiology for Human Being 1223.02
BIF203Practical Work of Human Gross Anatomy1211.51
BIM 101Basic Microbiology1223.02
PSG 201Psychology1211.51
BIM 208Parasitology2311.51
BIM 210Laboratory Work of Parasitology2311.51
BIK 202The Biochemistry of Metabolism2311.51
BIK 203Laboratory Work of Biochemistry2311.51
BIM 102Laboratory Work of Microbiology2311.51
FAT 202Basic Concept of Pharmacology2323.02
FAT 203Laboratory Work of Pharmacology and Therapeutics2311.51
KDJ 301Psychiatry2311.51
KDS 304Dermatology & Venereology2411.51
FAT 303Applied Pharmacology 2423.02
KDA 202Anesthesiology & Reanimation2411.51
KDD 303Internal Medicine2423.02
KDK 203Clinical Pathology2423.02
KDK 204Laboratory Work of Clinical Pathology2411.51
KDP 301Pediatrics2411.51
KDN 303 Neurology2411.51
KDB 301Surgery3523.02
KME 202Research Methodology and Statistics3523.02
AGI 401Applied Islamic in Dentistry3523.02
AGB 401Applied Buddhism in Dentistry3523.02
AGK 401Applied Catholicism in Dentistry3523.02
AGP 401Applied Christianity in Dentistry3523.02
AGH 401Applied Hindism in Dentistry3523.02
AGC 401Applied Confusianism in Dentistry3523.02
KDT 404Otholaryngology3511.51
KDE 403Opthalmology3511.51
  • Specific Scientific Skills

Course CodeSpecific Scientific SkillsYearSemesterCreditECTS
KGM101Dental Laboratory Material 1123.02
KGI101Critical Thinking and Evidence- Based Learning1123.02
SOA324Dental Anthropology1211.51
KGM103Restorative and Prosthetic Material1223.02
KGM102Laboratory Work of Restorative Material 1211.51
KGI103 Interpersonal Communication and Basic Techniques Interviews 1223.02
KGI105Skills Lab: Interpersonal Skills1211.51
LKM108Environmental Health Sciences2311.51
KDK218Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology2323.02
KDK219Basic Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology Laboratory Work 2311.51
KGM201Laboratory Work of Prosthetic Material 2311.51
BIO203Basic Oral Biology 2311.51
BIO204Laboratory Work of Basic Oral Biology2311.51
KGI106Holistic Approach Human and Enviroment2323.02
KGI121Skills Lab: Dental Laboratory and Clinical Treatment Skills for Removable Orthodontics Appliance and Fixed Bridge2323.02
BIO 301Applied Oral Biology for Human Being 2411.51
BIO 302Laboratory Work of Applied Oral Biology for Human Being2411.51
KDY204Forensic Odontology3423.02
KDK211Hard and Soft Tissue Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology Laboratory Work3411.51
KMD202Basic Science of Epidemiology & Surveillance3423.02
KDR201Fundamental of Dentomaxillofacial Radiology 3411.51
KGI122Temporo Mandibular Disorder3423.02
KGI207Skills Lab: Dental Laboratory and Clinical Treatment Skills for Impression Technique, Complete Denture and Removable Partial Denture3446.04
KGA301Basic Clinical Pediatrics Dentistry 3511.51
KDY205Laboratory Work of Odontology Forensic3511.51
KMP302Preventive Dentistry3511.51
KDR302Interpretation of Dentomaxillofacial Radiology3511.51
KGP301Basic Periodontology3523.02
KGK201Biology of Dental Pulp, Dental Hard Tissues, and Plastis Restoration3511.51
KNG401Community Service Program (KKN)3534.53
KGI201Infectious Diseases3523.02
KGI208Skills Lab: Direct Clinical Treatment Skills Laboratory for Periodontics, Conservative Dentistry and Pedodontics3523.02
KGT301Fixed Prosthetics3623.02
KGT402Removable Prosthetics3623.02
KGB303Tooth Extraction and Odontogenic Infection3623.02
KGD301Oral Mucosal Disease of Local Origin3611.51
KMP306Behavioral Science & Health Promotion3611.51
KGP302Advanced Periodontology3611.51
KGK301Pulp and Periapical Lesion and Treatments3611.51
KGA302Advanced Clinical Pediatric Dentistry3623.02
KGO301Diagnosis and Treatment Planning of Malocclusion3623.02
PNG498Thesis Proposal3623.02
KGI204Non Infectious Disease3623.02
KGI305Skills Lab: Direct Clinical Treatment Skills Laboratory for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery3623.02
KGB304Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 4723.02
KMA403Health Policy Administration and Planning4711.51
KGD401Oral Mucosal Disease Related to and As Manifestation of Systemic Disease4723.02
KGK302Endodontic Surgery and Post-Endodontic Restoration4723.02
KGT402Case Management in Prosthetic Dentistry4723.02
KGO401Treatment Planning of Removable Orthodontic Appliance4723.02
KGI301Integrated Clinical Case Management in Dentistry4723.02
KGI306Skills Lab: Case Analysis & Comprehensive Treatment Planning4734.53
Sub Total89134.48
  • Elective Scientific Skills

Course CodeElective Scientific SkillsYearSemesterCreditECTS
PNG491Basic Research4723.02
MNS406Management of Dentistry Practice4723.02
KGI402Advanced Clinical Dentistry4723.02
Sub Total23.02


Course CodeSpecific Scientific SkillsYearSemesterCreditECTS
KGB501Clinical Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery4 to 58 to 1146.04
KGK501Clinical Conservative Dentistry4 to 58 to 1169.07
KDR502Clinical Dental Radiology4 to 58 to 1111.51
KGD501Clinical Oral Medicine4 to 58 to 1134.53
KGT501Clinical Prosthodontics4 to 58 to 1169.07
KGP501Clinical Periodonti4 to 58 to 1123.02
KGO501Clinical Orthodontics4 to 58 to 1134.53
KGA501Clinical Pediatric Dentistry4 to 58 to 1134.53
KGH501Community Dental Health on Field of Work Practice4 to 58 to 1134.53
KGK502Comprehensive Learning of Clinical Cases4 to 58 to 1157.56
Sub Total3654.40