History of the Faculty of Dental Medicine, Universitas Airlangga, began on its establishment which initiated by Dr.Lonkhuizen who served as Head of the Department of Public Health. Dr. Lonkhuizen had the idea to open a dentist education school in Surabaya and asked Dr.R.J.F. Van Zaben, Director of Nederland Indische Artsen School (NIAS), the Netherlands Indies Medicine School to lead it in July 1928. Dentistry Education is named School Tot Opleiding Van Indische Tandartsen (STOVIT 1928 – 1942) specifically for local dentists in Indonesia during the occupation by the Netherlands Indies Government. The school, which began on September 28, 1928, in the first academic year accepting 21 students with a five-year education period, including a 3-year clinical exercise. During the Japanese occupation in 1942-1945 STOVIT became Ika Daigaku Shika (High School of Dentistry), with Dr.Takeda as the first director who was later replaced by Prof. Imagawa.

The Dutch Government, Netherland Indische Civil Administration (NICA) after defeating Japan in 1947, changed the name of the education to Tandheelkundig Institute (TI, Institute of Dentistry) led by Dr. JM Klinkhamer Sr. In 1948, IT or the Institute of Dentistry, was changed to Universiteir Tandheelkundig Instituut (UTI) along with Faculteit voor Genesskunde under the Indonesische Universiteit in Surabaya.

In the days of Republik Indonesia Serikat (RIS – Republic of Indonesian States), in 1949 UTI became Lembaga Ilmu Kedokteran Gigi (LIKG – Institute of Dental Medical Sciences) with 4 years of education, led by Prof. M. Knap until 1953. After his retirement, he was replaced by Prof. M. Soetojo as the leader of this institute which lasted until 1954. Since the establishment of Universitas Airlangga (Unair) on Wednesday, November 10th, 1954, the LIKG was renamed as the Fakultas Kedokteran Gigi (FKG – Faculty of Dental Medicine) with 5 years of education.

In 1969, FKG Unair was transformed into a 6-level education, to adjust with the education system development. Since 1978 the curriculum has been changed into a 5-year education divided into 10 semesters.

In 2007 dentist education program using Curriculum 2007/2008 with change of education stage, before there was no separation between undergraduate program and profession. Beginning in 2007 dentist education is separated into 2 stages of education, which is dental medical education consists of 144 credits and dental profession education 33 credits. The number of credits taken to become a dentist is 177 credits (in Competence-Based Curriculum) with Student-centered Learning method, with 10 semesters study period. In 2014, the new 2014/2015 curriculum began to be implemented with a period of Dentistry Education for 7 Semesters, Profession for 4 Semesters, with total of 184 credits.

After years passing by, now Faculty of Dental Medicine Universitas Airlangga, which are consist of:

  • 15 Professors
  • 155 Lecturers
  • 648 Students in Bachelor program in dental surgery
  • 461 Students of Professional program in dentistry
  • 75 Academical Officers
  • 5467 Alumni, which are spreading globally and nationally

We are ready to surpass the limit in order to create better health in Indonesia, but also Globally.