International Symposium Special Care in Dentistry

International Symposium Special Care in Dentistry


The International Conference held by collaboration between Universitas Airlangga and Indonesia Society of Special Care Dentistry (ISSCiD) will take place for one day in July 5th, 2019. Between 100 oral health professionals will attend the conference as participants. ISSCiD will also attract representatives from governments, teachers, the general public and media.


Special needs dentistry, also known as special care dentistry, is speciality of dentistry concerned with the oral health of people who have intellectual disability, or who are affected by other medical, physical, or psychiatric issues.Their additional needs may be due directly to their impairment or disability, or to some aspect of their medical history that affects their oral health, or because their social, environmental or cultural context disables them with reference to their oral health.

We found that people with disabilities are rarely identified as a priority population group in the public health policy and practice. It is recognised that people with special needs rely on their carers for their dental visits and daily care. Moreover, one study found that carers are confronted with different problems such as, dentists who lack skills in managing people with disabilities. Other complications include inconvenient locations of dental clinics, transport issues and cost of dental treatment.

We recognised that there are only a few dental practitioners that work to improve the oral health of people with special needs. Not only is their access to care almost non-existent in comparison to the general population, but also the facilities are inadequate and staff lack awareness of oral health matters that may impact those with special needs.

To address that matter we need more information, education and networking to increase access to oral healthcare for patients with special needs. We provides a forum for an exchange of clinical ideas and patient management techniques among participants. This seminar provides a network of colleagues across the Indonesian and abroad who have already faced issues you suddenly find in your practice. Our speakers are very eager to share their expertise with participants. Webrings experts from across the country to lecture at our Scientific Meeting, but intimate enough that you are likely to have lunch with one of these presenters. This meeting combines learning, networking and fun in a compact one day.


”Comprehensive approach to disability and oral health”



  • Professor Masahiko Egusa, DDS., Ph.D (Centre for The Special Needs Dentistry; Okayama University Hospital)
  • Professor Yoshiyuki Okada, DDS., Ph.D (Special Care Dentistry, Hiroshima University Dental Hospital)
  • Matana Kettrad-Pruksapong, DDS, FRCDT, Ph.D (Director of Gerodontology Program; Faculty of Dentistry, Thamassat University, Thailand)
  • Sakiko Soutome, DDS., Ph.D (Nagasaki University Hospital, Japan)


  • Dr. Mira Irmawati, Sp.A(K) (Children Growth & Development Specialist-Consultant, Dr. Sutomo Hospital Surabaya – Indonesia)
  • Dr. Ratna Darjanti Haryadi, dr., Sp.KFR(K) (Children Medical Rehabilitation Specialist-Consultant; Dr. Sutomo Hospital Surabaya – Indonesia)
  • Professor. Dr. Roosje Rosita Owen, drg., Sp.KGA(K) (Children Dental & Oral Growth-Development Specialist Consultant – Indonesia)
  • Rr. Ivonne Yanti Suryandari, S.Psi., M.Psi., Clinical Psychologist., C.Ht., CMHt., Pelita Hati Layanan Psikologi dan Terapi Bermain untuk Anak Berkebutuhan Khusus, Indonesia)


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  • This conference will bring all healthcare professionals together to discuss issues affecting the special care patients and solutions that they would like to see implemented to address these issues.
  • This conference will provide the opportunity for researchers working inspecial care patients to present their work to an interdisciplinary audience.
  • This conference will provide an interactive environment for healthcare professionals to learn about the special care treatments.


  • To serves as a resource to all oral health care professionals who serve or are interested in serving patients with special needs through education and networking to increase access to oral healthcare for patients with special needs.
  • Provide an opportunity for all oral health care professionals to present their concerns regarding and solutions to issues oral health care for patients with special needs.
  • Encourage dialogue between researchers in different disciplines.


International Society of Special Care Dentistry (ISSCiD) will hold its Joint Scientific Meeting in Special Care Dentistry  on July  5th, 2019 at Amerta Room, main campus of Airlangga University, in Surabaya – Indonesia. This Meeting offers high-quality educational content to those dentists working in clinical, academic, and advocacy efforts in special care dentistry.




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