As a leading dental school in Indonesia, Faculty of Dental Medicine Universitas Airlangga (UA) has developed both clinical and research excellence built on a foundation of evidence-based dentistry through its various postgraduate study programs. The orthodontic specialist study program provide exciting and fruitful journey for dentists who are enthusiast in orthodontic field.

Selected applicants will have to do full-time course for 3,5 years. The residents are encouraged to take full advantage of treating patients with various cases. The program also provides collaborative treatment on complex cases in conjunction with other medical specialties including Plastic Surgery to perform pre-surgical treatment for Orthognatic surgery and to perform orthodontic treatment for cleft lip and palate patients.

In addition of their emphasising their clinical skill, the residents are also trained by our experienced teaching staff to conduct cutting-edge research in orthodontic field for their final thesis. At the end of the study, the residents have to pass national board examination. The graduated residents are expected to be qualified, professional, and competent orthodontists in accordance with the needs of the nation for the present and the future.


The vision of Orthodontic department is to make the Orthodontic Speciality program in Universitas Airlangga , excellent in specialized, independent and also innovative Orthodontist in research and technology


  1. Conducting activities of “Tridharma University” which includes competency-based learning, Orthodontic Specialized research in the field of multidisciplinary orthognatic surgery oriented to holistic health of patient as well ascommunity service that practical dentistry in the field of Orthodontic in accordance with the latest development of technology in the world.
  2. Produce an excellent and competent graduates in the field of Orthodontic, adaptive, have global perspective and have an international competitiveness in accordance with the values and norms applicable in the community.
  3. Produce basic research and applied field of Orthodontic, on multidisciplinary orthognatic surgery for the benefit of the people.
  4. Apply result of the research for the development of technology in the field of Orthodontic, based on ethics and morals in an effort to improve an oral health of the people.


Head of Departement : Dr. IDA BAGUS NARMADA,drg.,Sp.Ort.(K)

List of Lectures Orthodontics Departement

  1. Prof.THALCA HAMID,drg.,MHPEd.,PhD.,Sp.Ort(K) (Unair – Scopus – SintaGoogle Scholar)
  2. Dr. IDA BAGUS NARMADA,drg.,Sp.Ort.(K) (UnairScopusSintaGoogle Scholar)
  3. JUSUF SJAMSUDIN,drg.,Sp.Ort.(K) (Unair – Scopus – Sinta – Google Scholar)
  4. Dr.I GUSTI AJU WAHJU ARDANI,drg., M.Kes., Sp.Ort.(K) (Unair – Scopus – SintaGoogle Scholar)
  5. Dr.ARI TRIWARDHANI,drg.,M.Sc.,SpOrt.(K) (Unair – Scopus – SintaGoogle Scholar)
  6. ERVINA RESTIWULAN WINOTO,drg., SpOrt., M.Kes.(K) (Unair – Scopus – Sinta – Google Scholar)
  7. Dr. IRWADI DJAHARU’DDIN, drg., MS., Sp.Ort(K) (Unair- Scopus – Sinta – Google Scholar)
  8. ALIDA,drg., M.Kes.,Sp.Ort.(K) (Unair – Scopus – Sinta – Google Scholar)
  9. ANANDA FIRMAN PUTRANTO,drg.,M.Kes (Unair – Scopus – Sinta – Google Scholar)
  10.  ADYA PRAMUSITA, drg.,M.Si (Unair – Scopus – Sinta – Google Scholar)
  11. DWI RAHMAWATI deg.,M.Kes (Asisten Dosen) (Scopus -Google Scholar)
  12. ALEXANDER PATERA NUGRAHA, drg.,M.Imun (Asisten Dosen) (Scopus –Google Scholar)
  13. REGINA PURNAMA DEWI ISKANDAR (Asisten Dosen) (Scopus -Google Scholar)
  14. NURUL AISYAH RIZKY PUTRANTI (Asisten Dosen) (Scopus -Google Scholar)



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Expect Learning Outcomes Department of Orthodontic:

Expect Learning Outcomes Orthodontic Specialist Program


The research field in Orthodontics Department are abnormal craniofacial growth and development of malocclusion, normal growth and development of malocclusion, epidemiology of malocclusion, molecular orthodontic tooth movement, orthodontic biomaterial, cleft lip and palate and the study about herbal in orthodontics.