Patents & Copyrights of Faculty

Patents & Copyrights of Faculty

Universities and other public research organizations are increasingly protecting their inventions – from genetic inventions to software – helping raise additional funding for research and spurring new start ups. The rise in university patenting has occurred against a broader policy framework aimed at fostering a greater interaction between public research and industry in order to increase the social and private returns from public support to R&D.

The general strengthening of intellectual property protection world-wide as well as the passage of legislation aimed at improving technology transfer are additional factors that have facilitated the expansion of patenting in academia in developing countries, as well as in Republic of Indonesia.

Our patents:

Dental Public Health Department:

  • Dr. Taufan Bramantoro, drg., M.Kes
  • Books:
    • Communication Strategy to Build Loyalty of Health Care Users
    • Introduction to Organization and Management of Dental Service
    • Early Childhood Quality of dental care related to dental health
    • 36 Practical Steps to Successful Writing Scientific Writing
    • A Practical Guide for a Healthy Child Teeth
    • Introduction To The Classification And Accreditation Of Health Services: A Practical Explanation Of The Laws And Regulations Of The Minister Of Health
    • A Basic Guide To Health Research Methodology
  • Patents
    • “den-t” Dental Practice Management System (Software of Unit Cost Calculation and Service Tariffs in Dentistry)
    • Dental Phantom 3D Folding Gear
    • Mother Belief Early Childhood Caries Risk Predictor.
    • Design of Tooth-Siwak Cleanser


  • Gilang R. Sabdho Wening, drg., M.Kes
  • Books:
    • Basics in Health Promotion And Behavioral Science For Dentistry
    • Communication Strategy To Build Loyalty Of Health Care Users.


  • Roesanto Heroesoebekti, drg., SU
  • Books:
    • Communication Strategy To Build Loyalty Of Health Care Users


  • Dr. R. Darmawan Setijanto, drg., M.Kes
  • Patent:
    • Half-Round Toothpick


  • Dr. Agung Sosiawan, drg., M.Kes
  • Books:
    • Forensic DNA Laboratory Guide


Conservative Dentistry Department

  • Dr. Tamara Yuanita, drg., M.S., Sp.KG(K)
  • Book:
    • Propolis On Immunopathobiology Healing Chronic Apical Periodontitis
  • Patent:
    • A Liquid Composition Of Propolis Ethanol Extract And Its Use As A Sterilizing Medicament And Tooth Anti Dental Caries


  • Prof. Dr. Mandojo Rukmo, drg., M.Sc., Sp.KG(K)
  • Books:
    • Standard Dental Profession Professional Dental Conservation Specialist
    • Competency Based Curriculum Module Education Dental Profession Specialist Dental Conservation
    • Esthetic Restoration Veneer
    • Bioetics Conservation Care In The Case Of Dental Caries & Proximal Caries
    • Tooth Decay Post-Treatment Endodontia


  • Prof. Dr. Latief Mooduto, drg., M.Sc., Sp.KG(K)
  • Books:
    • Competency Based Curriculum Module Education Dental Profession Specialist Dental Conservation
    • Competency Test Guidelines Dentist Specialist Profession Program
    • Immune Response To Pulp Tissue Inflammation


  • Prof. Dr. Adioro Soetojo, drg., M.Sc., Sp.KG(K)
  • Books:
    • Tooth Decay Post-Treatment Endodonsia
    • Use Of Composite Resins In The Field Of Dental Conservation


Oral Biology Department

  • Dr. Pratiwi Soesilowati, drg., M.Kes
  • Books:
    • Dentistry Histology Textbook
    • Atlas Histology Dentistry
    • Histology Of The Oral Cavity
  • Patents:
    • Single And Mixed Kagan Herb Formulas With Kencur Rhizome As A Standardized Herbal Medicine To Accelerate Wound Healing Of Tooth Extraction
    • Method Of Determining Age Of Ante Mortem Based On Ratio Schlerosis To Tubulus
    • Odontoblast Cell Dna Isolation Method As Material Of Ante Mortem Gender Identification
    • Formula Of Phytosomes And Liposomes Of Purple Leaf Extract For Oral And Topical Hemorrhoid Therapy
    • Variant HLA-DRBI In Java Population In Surabaya
    • Isolation Of Genomic Dna From Saliva Stain By Introducing Enzyme Α-Amylase


  • Prof. Dr. Jenny Sunariani, drg., MS
  • Books:
    • Sense Of Taste In The Mouth Cavity


Prosthodontics Department

  • Dr. Sherman Salim, drg., MS., Sp.Pros(K)
  • Book:
    • Fixed Dental Prothesis


Pediatric Dentistry Department

  • Tania Saskianti, drg., Sp.KGA., Ph.D
  • Patent:
    • Methods Of Bone Tissue Formation Using A Mixture Of Stem Cells From The Pulp Of Primary Teeth And Hydroxyapatite.


Oral Medicine Department

  • Prof. Dr. Diah Savitri Ernawati, drg., M.Si., Sp.PM
  • Book:
    • Potential Natural Ingredients For Oral Mucosal Ulcer Healing


Forensic Odontology Department

  • Prof. Dr. Mieke Sylvia Margareta Amiatun Ruth, drg., MS., Sp.Ort(K)
  • Book:
    • Basic Radiographic Cephalometry


Pathology of Mouth and Maxillofacial Department

  • Dr. Theresia Indah Budhy, drg., M.Kes
  • Books:
    • What’s Up With Cancer
    • Blue Grape Extract As A Chronic Inflammatory Mucosal Herbal Remedy


  • Prof. Dr. Istiati, drg., SU
  • Book:
    • Regeneration and Healing for Dentistry


Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Department

  • David B. Kamadjaja, drg., MDS., Sp.BM
  • Patent:
    • Membrane Of Bovine Cortex Collagen, Composition And Manufacturing Process


  • Prof. R.M. Coen Pramono D., drg., SU., SpBM (K)., FICS
  • Books:
    • Odontogenic Cysts
    • Odontectomy Using Split Technique Method
  •  Patents:
    • Mandibular Reconstruction Plate With Condyle
    • Mandibula Reconstruction Plate Without Condyle



Periodontics Department

  • Prof., Dr. Muhammad Rubianto, drg., MS., Sp.Perio (K)
  • Books:
    • Installation Of Dental Implant Is Simple, Practical And Safe
    • Gingivitis Therapy And Periodontitis


  • Dr. Ernie Maduratna Setiawatie, drg., M.Kes., Sp.Perio
  • Book:
    • Prevention Of Periodontal Disease With Minocycline Mouthwash
  • Patents:
    • Formula Of Hyalurodan Gel Combinations 0.02% And 1% Metronidazole As Local Antimicrobial And Antiinflammatory Drugs In The Treatment Of Periodontitis And Periimplantitis
    • Antioxidant Toothpaste And Anti-Inflammatory Nigella Sativa For Prevention Of Gingivitis.
    • Chewable Tablets Of Soy Milk Extract Combined With Ginger Extract For Osteoblast Bone Formation
    • Veterinary Drug Nigela Sativa For Prevention Of Periodontitis
    • Moringa Leaf Extract Tablet (Moringa Oleifera) And Its Use To Prevent Gum Inflammation
    • Erryz Brand For Nigela Sativa Extract
    • Minocycline Mouth Wash
    • Tetracycline Gel