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The recent studies shed new light on the significant relationship between periodontal disease and systemic conditions in the human body. Periodontal disease is a disease of tooth’s supporting tissue that includes tooth cementum, alveolar bone, periodontal ligament and gingiva. Department of Periodontics provides the study of diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease. Not only limited to theory and practicum, students are also encouraged to think as a scientist and conduct basic research to support the theory.

Department of Periodontics provide the procedures of non surgical treatment such as scaling, root planning, desensitization, immobilizing tooth mobility, pass the operating assistance as well as performing simple periodontal surgical treatment such as gingival curettage.

The featured research fields in Department of Periodontics are the role of stem cells and growth factor in periodontal tissue regeneration, seeking of natural compound for periodontal preventive medicine and periodontal epidemiology.


To become a research-based educational departement in the field of periodontology with international standards to improve the welfare of our people and international community based on morality


  1. To organize and develop academic professional, and periodontics specialist by utilizing the results of local research and international collaborations as major source of learning
  2. To conduct basic and applied periodontology studies with international standards based on national value and morality to underpin the development of education and devotion to the community
  3. To devote the field of expertise in periodontology and technology to Indonesian as well as international community
  4. To manage department with effective and efficient governance through institutional development that is quality oriented and able to compete on an international level.


Head of Departement : Prof. Dr. CHIQUITA PRAHASANTI S.,drg., Sp.Perio (K)

List of Lectures Departement of Periodontology

1. Prof. Dr. M. RUBIANTO, drg.,MS., Sp.Perio (K)                ( Unair   Scopus    Sinta    Scholar )
2. Prof. Dr. CHIQUITA PRAHASANTI S., drg., Sp.Perio (K)  ( Unair   Scopus    Sinta    Scholar )
3. Dr. AGUNG KRISMARIONO, drg.,M.Kes., Sp.Perio (K)    ( Unair   Scopus    Sinta    Scholar )
4. Dr. ERNIE MADURATNA S., drg., M.Kes.,SpPerio (K)      ( Unair   Scopus    Sinta    Scholar )
5. Dr. EKA FITRIA AUGUSTINA, drg., M.Kes. SpPerio (K)    ( Unair   Scopus    Sinta    Scholar )
6. NOER ULFAH,drg.,Sp.Perio. (K)., M.Kes.                          ( Unair   Scopus    Sinta    Scholar )
7. Dr. SHAFIRA KURNIA S.,drg.,SpPerio. (K)                        ( Unair   Scopus    Sinta    Scholar )
8. LAMBANG BARGOWO,drg., M.Kes. SpPerio (K)              ( Unair   Scopus    Sinta    Scholar )
9. IRMA JOSEFINA SAVITRI, drg., PhD., Sp.Perio(K)           ( Unair   Scopus    Sinta    Scholar )

10. I KOMANG EVAN WIJAKSANA, drg                                 ( Unair   Scopus    Sinta    Scholar )



Pre-Clinical Student Curricullum

  1. Periodontology 1 (KGP 200)
  2. Periodontology 2 (KGP 201)

Clinical Student Curricullum

  1. Clinical Periodontology (KGP 400)

Periodontics Residential Program Curricullum

During 2 years of study, the students of dental specialist program in periodontics will study about:

  • Holistic management of periodontal cases
  • Dental implants in periodontal cases
  • Periodontal tissue engineering
  • Laser therapy in periodontal disease
  • Community services programs that are routinely conducted, in cooperation with IPERI
  • Cooperation programs with institutions or government agencies, both at national and international levels, such as Hiroshima University, Tohoku University Japan, and Technology University Malaysia.


International Journal Status of Periodontology Lecturer in 2017-2018

International publication data in the last 2 years



Periodontology Specialistic Degree Program [click here]