Value of Faculty


The most precious platform where students, educators and all academic members learn, work and develop skills together.

RESPECT Treat everyone in our diverse community, including students, their families and colleagues with dignity
INTEGRITY Adhere to the higher standards of professionalism, ethics and personal responsibility, worthy of the trust our students place in us
COMPASSION Provide the best care, treating students and family members with sensitivity and empathy
HEALING Inspire hope and nurture the well-being of the whole person, respecting physical, emotional and spiritual needs
STEWARDSHIP Sustain and reinvest in our mission and extended communities by wisely managing our human, natural and material resources
INNOVATION Energize the organization, enhancing the lives of those we serve, through the creative ideas and unique talents of each employee
TEAMWORK Value the contributions of all, blending the skills of individual staff members in unsurpassed collaboration
EXCELLENCE Deliver the best outcomes and highest quality service through the dedicated effort of every team