Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

RICH SITE of Our Faculty, brings harmony upon academical diversities


To become a research-based educational institution in the field of dentistry with international standards to improve the welfare of our people and international community based on morality


  • To organize and develop academic professional, and dental specialist by utilizing the results of local research and international collaborations as major source of learning
  • To conduct basic and applied dental studies with international standards based on national value and morality to underpin the development of education and devotion to the community
  • To devote the field of expertise in dental science and technology to Indonesian as well as international community
  • To manage faculty with effective and efficient governance through institutional development that is quality oriented and able to compete on an international level.


  • To produce graduates who are competent, qualified, and entrepreneurial spirit through student-centered learning method and long life learning in order to manage the stomatognatic system problem and improving the community health level based on morality
  • To produce graduates who are reliable in conducting basic medical-dentistry, public health, and applied medical-dentistry research both independently and through joint research oriented to the principle of benefit and always adhering the morality and intellectual property
  • Empowering the communities to identify and formulate the health problem related to general condition and/or stomatognatic function. Empowering the community to be able to apply the appropriate and useful technology for strategic planning in solving stomatognatic problems as a part of whole human health. Furthermore, the activity can be used as a basis to improve public health status.



The most precious platform where students, educators and all academic members learn, work and develop skills together.

R – RESPECT: Treat everyone in our diverse community, including students, their families and colleagues with dignity
I – INTEGRITY: Adhere to the higher standards of professionalism, ethics and personal responsibility, worthy of the trust our students place in us
C – COMPASSION: Provide the best care, treating students and family members with sensitivity and empathy
H – HEALING: Inspire hope and nurture the well-being of the whole person, respecting physical, emotional and spiritual needs

S – STEWARDSHIP: Sustain and reinvest in our mission and extended communities by wisely managing our human, natural and material resources
I – INNOVATION: Energize the organization, enhancing the lives of those we serve, through the creative ideas and unique talents of each employee
T – TEAMWORK: Value the contributions of all, blending the skills of individual staff members in unsurpassed collaboration
E – EXCELLENCE: Deliver the best outcomes and highest quality service through the dedicated effort of every team