Vision and Mission


The vision of Orthodontic speciality Program is to make the Orthodontic Speciality program in Universitas Airlangga , excellent in specialized, independent and also innovative Orthodontist in research and technology



Orthodontics specialist program Faculty of Dental Medicine Airlangga University aims to achieve the following missions:

  1. Conducting activities of “Tridharma University” which includes competency-based learning, Orthodontic Specialized research in the field of multidisciplinary orthognatic surgery oriented to holistic health of patient as well ascommunity service that practical dentistry in the field of Orthodontic in accordance with the latest development of technology in the world.
  2. Produce an excellent and competent graduates in the field of Orthodontic, adaptive, have global perspective and have an international competitiveness in accordance with the values and norms applicable in the community.
  3. Produce basic research and applied field of Orthodontic, on multidisciplinary orthognatic surgery for the benefit of the people.