Udijanto Tedjosasongko,drg.,Ph.D.,Sp.KGA(K) – Head of Pediatric Dentistry Department


Pediatric Dentistry Specialist Program (PSDP) is an integration of various disciplines, techniques, dentistry procedures and other areas of expertise, such as psychology, which is modified and adapted for children and those with special needs.

A pediatric dentist has the special competence in effective communication with patients and all stakeholders (patient families, dental teams, medical colleagues, and community) involved in the dental care for children or those with special needs. The communication can be done orally or with the use of audio-visual method in order to achieve successful treatment.

In addition, a pediatric dentist also has the competence to diagnose, prognose, and determine the dental care and dental services for children with responsibility and high integrity in accordance with the competencies obtained, based on a strong understanding of science and the application of ethical laws of dentistry.