Penelitian Unggulan


No Name Title
1 Ernie Maduratna Setiawatie Hydroxyapatite Bovine Tooth Graft combined with Hyaluronan as Regenerative Therapy for Alveolar Bone Defect
2 Elly Munadziroh rSLPI from Amnion Membrane as Biomaterial for Gingival Wound Healing
3 Dian Agustin W. Smart Biodegradable Metal Bone Scaffold as a Candidate for Alveolar Bone Replacement
4 AnitaYuliati Synthesis, Characterization and In Vitro Analysis of Carbonate Apatite Gelatin Chitosan Scaffold As Biomaterial Candidate for Bone Regeneration
5 Nike Hendrijantini In Vitro Analysis of Human Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cell (hUCMSCs) and Human Amniotic Mesenchymal Stem Cell (hAMCs) in Gelatin and Alginate Solution
6 David Buntoro Kamadjaja Demineralized Freeze – Dried Bovine Cortical Bone

Membrane for Guided Bone Regeneration In Alveolaris Bone Defect

7 Nike Hendrijantini The potency of hUCMSCs on osteoporosis mandibular bone regeneration therapy Through Expression of TGF β1, RUNX 2 and osteoblast


8 Chiquita Prahasanti Utilization of Carp Fish for Periodontal Tissue Engineering
9 Maretaningtias Dwi Ariani


BMP-2 and bFGF Expression in Application of  Mangosteen Peel Extract and Carbonate Apatite for Alveolar Bone Regeneration
10 Sri Wigati Mardi Mulyani Xerostomia Therapy Due To Radiation Using

Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cell (BMSCs)



No Name Title
1 Desiana Radithia Infection Profile and Guideline for Oral Candidiasis Therapy in HIV/AIDS Patient in Indonesia
2 Retno Pudji Rahayu Prototype of Diagnostic Secretory Aspartyl Proteinase 3 recombinant DNA Kit for Oral Candidiasis in HIV/AIDS Patients
3 Desiana Radithia Role of HIV-1 TAT Protein as a Diagnostic Sign and Progress of HIV / AIDS Infection




No Name Title
1 Diah Safitri Ernawati Lemon Citrus Extract as an Innovative Therapy of Oral Ulcer
2 Tuti Kusumaningsih Natural Compund for Caries and Periodontitis Management
3 Asti Meizarini Extract Tumeric as Anti-Inflammation in Wound Healing Process of Rat
4 Irma J.S. Seeking for The New Natural Compound for Preventive Medicine  of Periodontal Disease by Regulating The Inflammatory Response in Gingival Epithelium
5 Mieke Sylvia Margaretha

Amiatun Ruth

Effect of Extract CentellaAsiatica in Neutrophil as Cell Effector Innate Immunity Through Cell Proliferation and Expression of Proinflammation Cytokine (TNF-α, IL-1β, IL-8) on Severe Early Childhood Caries
6 Ira Arundina Mangosteen Peel (GraciniaMangostanol) Extract as Growth Factor Stem Cells for Periodontitis Therapy
7 Tamara Yuanita The utilization of Theobroma Cacao Peel Extract as a Intracanal Irrigational in Root Canal Treatment



No Name Title
1 Theresia Indah Budhy S. Herbal Product Developments as Immunologic Therapy and Gene Mutation Analysis of Angiogenesis in Oral Carcinoma
2 Anis Irmawati Mechanism of Prevention of Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Oral Cavity Through Inhibition of Transform Cell with Physical Exercise Intensity Moderate Interval



No Name Title
1 Retno Palupi Dental Health Status Identification of  5 and 12 years old children in East Java  in 2017
2 Indah Listiana Kriswandini Severity Detection Kit for Oral Infectious Disease Using Biofilm on Tooth Surface
3 Rini Devijanti Ridwan Diagnostic Kit for Periodontal Disease Detection
4 IGA Wahyu Ardani Innovative Therapy for Class II Malocclusion Due to DentocraniofacialMisdevelopment
5 Udijanto Tedjosasongko Microbiology Aspect of Early Prediction in Childhood Caries
6 Pratiwi Soesilowati Prototype of Diagnostic Oligoprobe Interleukin-10 Kit for Chronic Periodontitis Patients with Risk of Preeclampsia
7 Retno Indrawati Saliva Based Diagnostic Kit and Holistic Management of Oral Infection
8 Seno Pradopo Correlation of Periodontitis and Preterm Birth with Low Birthhweight
9 Sidarningsih Development of Prototype Diagnostic Kit for Aggressive Periodontitis
10 Titiek Berniyanti Molecular Detection as Biomarker of Metal Exposure (Cr, Ni, and Co) on Dental Technicians in the Work Place
11 Ernie Maduratna Setiawatie Optimization of Photodynamic Energy Dosage with High Power LEDs and Exogenous Organic Photosensitiser as A Preventive Effort of Oral Disease
12 Retno Indrawati Expression of The Antimicrobial Peptide Human Beta Defensin-1,2,3 (HBD-1,2,3) Saliva as Early Detection of Caries.
13 Pratiwi Soesilawati Stability Test of Prototype Diagnostic Kit HLA-DRB1 for Presymptomatic Detection of Dental Caries In Children
14 Muhammad Luthfi Roles and Functions Immune System Through The Proliferation of Limfosit  And Expression Of IL-10, IFN-Γ, CD3, CD16, CD56, CD19, CD4, CD8 on Severe Early Childhood Caries